Arts in Action Society (AIA)



Non-profit charitable organization, in existence since 1988

The following is the mandate of the society:

“The purpose of the Society is to address issues of public interest through the use of the Arts as an educational tool. This will be accomplished by setting up multimedia Art exhibits, public art, presentations and educational seminars, workshops, poetry readings, music, and other means of artistic expression, and to do all such things as are necessary for the attainment of this purpose.  The intent of such events is to bring opportunities to the public to learn and reflect on current human-interest questions, by allowing Artists to express their views, while stimulating awareness and discussion among the viewers. The artistic events are also to be designed to allow easier access for the general public to a large variety of expressions and cultures, by bringing the art of local as well as international artists to public places.”

The Thistle Institute (Purple Thistle) programs art projects, events, and educational gatherings, and is one of the core projects under the umbrella of AIA.

EMMA Talks is a project that runs under the umbrella of the Thistle Institute.

Other key projects under the Thistle are: